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Choosing the right heatsink


The switching component must be suitably cooled so that the junction temperature does not exceed the values specified : usually 125 or 150°C (this value depends on the power components) and so that the temperature of the heatsink does not exceed 90 or 100°C.

The heatsink can be determined either by calculation or directly from the curves provided by the chart below.

How to use thermal curves from our technical data-sheets ?

Thermal Curve

The type of heatsink to be used can be determined directly according to the switched currrent and the ambient temperature.

Example Ieff = 6 A and ambiant temperature max = 38°C 

Operating mode of the above curves :1488257344837434.png

You can see that with a heatsink of 1,2°/W and 6A, the ambient temperature should not exceed 54°C (8) (9)
And with a heatsink of 1,2°/W and an ambient temperature of 38°C the maximum current could reach 8A (5) (6) (7)